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2008 Boston New England Rose

Eire Society honors O’Malley
Scholar cited for work at reconciliation
By Stephen Hagan

‘It’s because of the peace talks with Northern Ireland and South Africa and now he’s in Iraq.’
Barbara Fitzgerald, Eire Society’s Board of Directors

With the divisions is today’s world, Democrats versus Republicans, haves versus the have nots and us versus them, it’s no wonder people are left befuddled and asking what it all means.
Enter Padraig O’Malley, this year’s recipient of the Gold Medal at the Eire Society of Boston's Gold Medal Dinner. O’Malley, a distinguished professor at the University of Massachusetts, was honored during the organization’s gathering, held at Boston’s Omni Parker House earlier this month. He is chiefly known for his peace and reconciliation work in Northern Ireland, South Africa and Iraq.
~Padraig O'Malley~

The Dublin-born O’Malley is hailed as a peace negotiator and also as a published writer.
Those honoring O’Malley at the April 3 dinner included local activist Jim Brett, Irish Consul David Barry and Boston Globe writer Kevin Cullen. Cullen served as toastmaster at the dinner, which was held in the hotel’s Rooftop Ballroom.
The Eire Society's Gold Medal is awarded annually to a person of who has made significant contributions to benefit society and to their chosen fields of expertise.

Barbara Fitzgerald, a member of the Eire Society’s Board of Directors, said the award for O’Malley was well deserved.
“It’s because of the peace talks with Northern Ireland and South Africa and now he’s in Iraq,” she said.
Previous Gold Medal recipients include filmmakers John Ford and John Huston, Irish actresses Siobhan McKenna and Maureen O'Hara, Irish poet Seamus Heaney, U.S. ambassadors to Ireland William Shannon and Jean Kennedy Smith, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John McCormack and President John F. Kennedy.

For most of his professional life, O'Malley has been involved with the conflict in Northern Ireland. Working with all the political parties to the conflict, he convened the Amherst Conference on Northern Ireland (Massachusetts, 1975), the Airlie House Conference (Virginia, 1985) and co–convened the Arniston Conference with the government of South Africa (Western Cape, 1997).

In 1987 O'Malley initiated a meeting with the dissident Northern Irish hosted by Nelson Mandela in South Africa known as the Great Indaba. In 1992, he participated in bringing some of the South African figures in that transition to Boston for a meeting with representatives of the factions in Northern Ireland.

Most recently, O'Malley helped arrange a 2007 conference at a resort in Finland, where 16 Iraqis met with experienced negotiators from South Africa and Ireland who described the processes toward peace in their countries.
The society’s Karen Ann Thornton described O'Malley as a charming man who is able to gather together a range of interested parties, often those with differing viewpoints.

“He’s been involved in the Irish community for years,” she said. “He’s bringing all these different factions together.”

Dublin born
O'Malley was born in Dublin in 1942. He was educated at University College, Dublin, and at Yale, Tufts and Harvard universities in the United States.
O'Malley has authored many books, among them the award-winning Uncivil Wars: Ireland Today, Biting at the Grave, and, most recently Shades of Difference, Mac Maharaj and the Struggle for South Africa. He is recipient of the International Association of University Presidents Peace Award (1985) and the Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Scholars (1985).

The Eire Society will hold their annual general meeting on May 15th at Boston College’s Burns Library. The meeting will review past events and achievements of 2007-2008 year, review constitutional amendments and elect new members to the Board of Directors. This event is for members only and the cost for the dinner is $15 per person. Members are asked to RSVP by telephone at 866-560-1050 on or before May 8.

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The gaff rigged Ketch "Asgard" was designed and built in Norway by Colin Archer of Larvik in 1905 and was the wedding present of Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton Osgood of Boston, U.S.A. to their daughter Mary on her marriage to Erskine Childers, father of the late President Childers. The Name "Asgard" is an old Norse word meaning "Home of the Gods."
In July, 1914 "Asgard" with Erskine and Mary Childers and four others on board, sailed to the North Sea to collect a cargo of guns which had been bought in Hamburg for the Irish Volunteers. After a difficult voyage the cargo was landed at Howth on 26 July 1914. "Asgard" was sold by Mrs. Childers in 1926 and passed through several hands before being purchased by the Irish Government in 1961 because of her historical association.
In 1968 the Government formed the committee known as Coiste an Asgard and placed "Asgard" under their guidance and control to be used as a sail training vessel for the young people of Ireland. Sail training cruises were carried out on "Asgard" each year from 1969 to 1974. "Asgard" was transferred to Kilmainham Jail Historical Museum in 1979 for exhibition to the public.


"Asgard II" was designed by the late Jack Tyrrell, and built in Arklow, Co. Wicklow. She was commissioned by the Irish Government and launched on 7 March 1981.
She is managed by Coiste an Asgard, the Irish Sail Training Organisation. Each year over 500 trainees are given the opportunity to go to sea on a traditionally rigged sailing ship and learn much about the sea, sailing and themselves. "Asgard II" participates in the annual Cutty Sark Tall Ships Races and has taken the first place in her class several times over the years.
As befits the traditional design of the vessel, "Asgard II" carries as her figurehead a carving of 'GRANUAILE," the famous 16th century May Sea Captain and "Pirate" Queen of the sea.

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